Heart Disease and Oral Health

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Paying attention to your oral health is more important than it may seem. It has been said that having healthy dental health can affect your overall health, yet some people are still taking it for granted. There are people living with gum disease and other oral health issues that go unnoticed or undiagnosed. To most people, oral health plays an important role in keeping your smile perfect and making sure your teeth are healthy. But, did you know that there has been an issue that links heart disease and oral health?

Are heart disease and oral health-related?

The answer to this depends on several factors. While there is a possible connection between having heart disease and poor oral health, taking care of your teeth will not spare you from having heart diseases, especially if such condition is inherited or when it is caused by other triggering elements. So, how is heart disease and oral health-related? 

According to a study conducted by the Journal of the American Heart Association recently, inflammation caused by periodontal disease can increase the risk of developing heart disease. Heart ailments and oral health can be linked to each other in such a way that bacteria from your mouth spreads to the other parts of your body like your heart through the bloodstream. Bacteria thrive in your poor oral health condition. If these bacteria infect your bloodstream and reach your heart, it can worsen your heart condition by causing inflammation. It can even cause certain heart conditions like endocarditis or infection on the heart’s inner lining. 

Who is at risk of heart disease caused by poor oral health hygiene?

People with chronic gum conditions and advanced periodontal diseases are more at risk for heart ailments, especially if they are not properly treated. If you already have underlying issues with your heart, these bacteria from your mouth can travel through the bloodstream and can increase your chance of having a cardiovascular condition. 

Promote good oral hygiene all the time

Yes, having healthy dental health isn’t the key to prevent heart diseases; however, it can minimize your risk of worsening your heart condition, if you have any. It is still important to take care of your teeth and gums. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. You also need to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleaning. 

Advice for healthy hearts and gums

If you are concerned with your heart and your oral health, then start taking good care of these two. Apart from visiting your dentist and making sure you floss and brush your teeth regularly, you should talk with your dentist and check if you have any underlying dental conditions that may possibly develop a connection between oral health and heart disease. This is more important, especially for people with heart diseases – you don’t want to worsen to your existing heart problem, do you? Keep your smile shining, your teeth and heart-healthy – take good care of your oral health today.