How Implants Can Help Stabilize Dentures

How Implants Can Help Stabilize Dentures

stablized denture implantsDentures are a great alternative to implants for many people, but traditional dentures are not always effective. Many individuals who have conventional dentures do not wear them as they should because they often do not stay secured in place. The constant worry that your teeth may fall out at any moment is enough to keep many people from using dentures.

Stabilized dentures allow your dentures to stay in place by using dental implants as holding pegs. Your dentures will be modified to snap into the pegs and you will finally be able to relax knowing that your dentures will not fall out. To learn more about how implants can help stabilize dentures, continue reading.

Why Consider Stabilized Dentures?

If you are in need of false teeth but you are not a eligible for implants, you may need to wear dentures. Unlike implants, conventional dentures are not secured to your mouth and are removable. Many people struggle to keep their dentures in place, especially in the lower jaw area. Dentures often slip around when you are eating or talking, which can be extremely embarrassing for many.

Dental implants secure your dentures in place by providing snap-in pegs. They can be used on both the lower and upper jaw and provide stability without the use of adhesive. Your dentures will stay secure while you chew, speak, and go about your daily routine. Your confidence will also improve because you will know that you can communicate freely without the worry of your teeth falling out. In addition, stabilized dentures eliminate the need for denture pastes and are less irritating to your gums than traditional dentures. You can also utilize your existing denture when switching to stabilized dentures.

Candidates For Stabilized Dentures

You may be a candidate for implant-supported dentures if you are missing a significant amount of teeth and have an adequate amount of jawbone to support dental implants. If you do not have enough bone structure to support implants, you may benefit from a bone grafting procedure to build up your jawbone.

What To Expect

If you are planning on getting dental implants to stabilize your dentures, your dental professional will create a model of your teeth to decide where the implants will be placed. The professionals at New Smiles Dental are highly trained and use reliable equipment to determine the type of denture that is best for you. Once the implants are placed into the bone, your gums and bone will be given time to heal before a denture is secured into place. Your existing dentures will not go to waste as you can modify your current denture to fit the implants. The entire process is relatively easy and pain-free.