How Implants Change Lives: The Truth About Tooth Replacement

How Implants Change Lives: The Truth About Tooth Replacement

We all know how important oral hygiene is, but did you know that replacing missing teeth with dental implants can also be incredibly beneficial? For many people, losing a tooth or multiple teeth can cause severe physical and emotional distress. But there’s an advanced technology that has revolutionized the way we think about tooth replacement: dental implants! In this blog post, we’ll explore how dental implants are changing lives and the incredible advancements in tooth replacements that they offer. By learning more about these life-changing procedures, you may just find yourself looking into them as a viable option for restoring your smile.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically embedded into the jawbone and serves as an artificial root for a missing tooth. The actual dental implant process begins with numbing the area where the new tooth will be placed. After the area has been anesthetized, your dentist will make a small incision in your gums to access the jawbone beneath. A hole is then drilled into the jawbone and the implant is inserted into this hole. The implant will be left to heal for several months before being fitted with a crown or bridge. 

Once the implants are healed and integrated into your jawbone, it’s time for your prosthetic teeth to be put in place. This process can take up to two appointments depending on the type of tooth replacement you choose and how many teeth need to be replaced. Your new prosthetic teeth may look like natural ones but they are made from durable materials that are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. With your new implants, you’ll be able to enjoy all the same activities as if they were your natural teeth. 

With implants, individuals can regain their confidence in eating, speaking, smiling, and enjoying life again because they can eat anything they want with no pain or discomfort. Implants also improve overall oral health by providing additional support to adjacent teeth and preventing further tooth loss. Implants also provide better chewing ability, improved speech, and a more natural appearance than removable dentures.

Implants are a reliable and long-term solution for tooth replacement, with a success rate of about 95%. They require very little maintenance, just regular brushing, and flossing as you would with your natural teeth. It is important to note that implants may not be the best option for everyone; certain medical conditions or lifestyle factors can rule out implant placement. In such cases, alternative tooth replacement options like bridges or dentures may be necessary. 

Ultimately, getting dental implants is an individual decision that should be made after careful consideration of all the options available. A professional dentist or oral surgeon can help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Implants are an excellent solution for restoring your smile, boosting your confidence, and improving your oral health! 

If you’re considering getting dental implants, contact us at New Smiles Dental today to explore options and start the journey toward a healthier, happier life. We are committed to helping you smile with confidence, ensuring that your oral health and aesthetics meet or exceed all of your expectations. In relation to implants, you can enjoy all the benefits of having natural-looking teeth again with minimal effort required. You’ll be glad you made the investment to change your life for the better!