How Modern Technology Has Transformed Dentistry

How Modern Technology Has Transformed Dentistry

The field of dentistry is one of the oldest professions in the medical field, dating back as early as 500 BC. Ancient Sumerian dentists even described “tooth worms” as the cause of tooth decay. Over the years, the medieval ways of treating and taking care of oral and dental health significantly improved. Gone are the days when minced leaves of some plants are used to treat toothache, and ordinary wires are used to stabilize loose teeth. 

Through the advancements of technology, the field of dentistry has made sure that taking care of your dental needs will be more comfortable, safer, and faster. Wondering how? Here is the breakdown of how modern technology has transformed dentistry.

Digital dentistry

The modern-day has become almost everything digitized, and this includes dental devices and facilities. Instead of the electrical devices that dentists and dental staff usually use, they now have better access to digital dentistry such as computer-aided implants, extraoral and intraoral photography, lasers, and others, making the data-analysis and dental treatments more revolutionized. 

Because of technological advancement, record-keeping of patients’ data and other information has become more accessible and accurate. Dental practices have also become more eco-friendly with the use of natural products free of harmful chemicals. 

Laser dentistry

The use of laser technology in the field of dentistry has become increasingly popular today. The best thing about laser dentistry is that it can address many dental issues such as removing cavities in the tooth, whitening the teeth, removing bacteria during root canal treatments, gum reshaping, removing lesions, preparing the enamel for the receipt of filling, and many others. Apart from this, laser technology will also allow dental treatments to be more comfortable with a faster recovery period compared to traditional dental treatments. With laser dentistry, gums are sterilized during the process; thus, reducing the risks of undesirable side effects such as infection. 

Intraoral cameras

Most dental anxiety rooted in the feeling of helplessness while lying on the dental chair, unaware of what your dentist is doing inside your mouth. Well, you can now set this worry aside and let go of this anxiety since intraoral cameras are nowhere to give you an idea of how your dentist does the treatment and care inside your mouth. An intraoral camera is connected to your dentist’s dental equipment in examining the insides of your mouth. It can magnify your teeth or gums, take pictures or videos, and share it with you through the screen in real-time. This helps a lot in explaining the dental conditions of the patient. 

Better care and more comfortable dental experience

One of the best benefits that modern technology has done to the field of dentistry is the comfort and better care that patients experience. Through the use of smartphones, everyone can now take care of their oral health better, even in the comfort of their homes. There are dental apps that can assist them in making a quick diagnosis of their basic dental issues. There are also toothbrushes that come with sensors that can help identify different oral issues through the use of your saliva.