Recovery After a Dental Implant Surgery

Recovery After a Dental Implant Surgery

Nowadays, losing a tooth because of old age or an accident is not a big issue. There are plenty of dental solutions specifically designed to meet each need and requirement of an individual. Whether it’s inevitable or accidental, losing a tooth can cause problems especially on a person’s self-confidence. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure it anymore – thanks to dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a surgery that involves replacing tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts, and replacing the missing tooth with an artificial one. Still, it doesn’t look artificial because it looks almost natural and functions like real ones. Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and act like natural teeth. In all dental treatment and surgery, a dental implant is the closest thing you can get in having natural-looking, healthy teeth. 

Dental implant surgery is safe because it is installed into your gum line, assuring you that your remaining teeth will remain in their original place. You can chew and bite anything without worrying about your teeth moving out of their normal positions. Dental implants are perfect for people who have one or missing teeth but don’t want to wear dentures and most especially if you have a strong jawline that can withstand the procedure.

Dental implant surgery is done in several stages because your jawbone needs to heal entirely first before more work can be done. During surgery, most people claimed that they experience very little discomfort. Local anesthesia can be used during the procedure. In fact, most patients claimed that they experience less pain during dental implant surgery compared to the pain they get with a tooth extraction.

What to do after a dental implant surgery

After the surgery, you may experience some discomfort, such as swelling of your gums and face, pain at the implant site, and minor bleeding. However, these should improve in the following days, but in case it doesn’t, visit your dentist or your oral surgeon to check if there is something wrong with the surgery. 

Recovery after a dental implant surgery may vary from one individual to another but it is recommended to follow a soft and non-chewing diet for 2 weeks in order for the gum tissue to heal faster. Over the next few days, you can eat solid foods. You should also take the pain medication you are given, especially when the pain becomes unbearable. Limit strenuous activities and relax as much as possible. Your body needs to be at rest in order for it to heal faster.

Remember, the time for recovery after your dental implant surgery will vary, depending on several factors such as the number of teeth extracted, the overall health of your mouth and whether you need to undergo bone grafting or not. Just remember to follow your dentist or oral surgeon’s advice and your mouth will begin to feel normal again in no time.